Infrastructure Management

data_center_wordsManage IT operations to drive productivity, market differentiation, business growth and profitability.

Thriving in today’s economy may depend on meeting customers’ growing expectations for an exceptional experience—and nearly every customer experience is, in some way, supported by technology.  In fact, customers frequently form their perceptions of a company based solely on their interactions with IT systems.  By channeling their efforts toward improving, and sharing ownership of the customer experience, IT organizations can help drive productivity, market differentiation, business growth and profitability.

Management solutions from CA Technologies are designed to help simplify and streamline operations, so IT can concentrate on assuring successful customer interactions. By translating IT big data into intelligent, actionable insight, our Management solutions accelerate the laborious IT process of determining what may impact customer interactions—and what to do about it. With role-specific views of individual domains presented in the context of the whole environment, IT teams can focus on assuring complete services rather than individual components and can achieve far better results with significantly less effort.  By integrating and automating key systems and processes and making them accessible in modern and easy-to-use interfaces, CA Technologies Management solutions can help eliminate barriers to productivity for IT, consumers of IT and the business.

CA Technologies’ Management solutions provide deep domain expertise, advanced technology and techniques that help empower IT to successfully fulfill their increasingly critical role in delivering exceptional customer experience.