CA Unified Infrastructure Management

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) is a scalable IT monitoring solution that provides 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance. It creates a single, unified architecture for both traditional and cloud environments, enabling you to proactively monitor performance and availability and to ensure that your customers are up and running.

CA UIM provides a single, scalable platform for monitoring servers, applications, networks, databases, storage devices and even the customer experience. This comprehensive monitoring solution enables proactive monitoring of on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures all within a single code base. It’s designed to help your organization reduce costs and mitigate the risk of server and network outages.

CA UIM balances the simplicity associated with IT point solutions with enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy. It eliminates the need for disparate monitoring solutions, helping you to optimize operational efficiency while reducing the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple tools.

Key Features

  • A single unified platform with comprehensive coverage: CA UIM is designed to provide scalable, resilient and reliable IT monitoring across all you critical IT resources. It delivers support for more than 140 technologies across your datacenter and the cloud.
  • Service level insights: With CA UIM, you can effectively set, keep and report on SLA commitments and service level objectives (SLO).
  • Automation: CA UIM offers a host of features that streamline physical or virtual server, application, network, database and storage monitoring. It can automatically deploy, configure and display monitoring information for all of your virtualized and cloud environments.
  • Powerful APIs: CA UIM provides powerful APIs that you can use to integrate with services desks, CMDBs and other IT monitoring tools.
  • Tablet-friendly HTML5 custom dashboards: CA UIM is viewable in HTML5-enabled browsers and on a range of mobile devices, providing a complete view of the infrastructure and customer service data.

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies monitoring in a multi-tenant environment through a unique architecture and lightweight footprint
  • Speeds time to value with the ability to deploy quickly and monitor to more than 100 servers in less than three minutes
  • Reduces cost and complexity by reducing the need for disparate IT monitoring tools
  • Improves Business User Satisfaction
  • Improves TCO for IT Operations