CA Cloud Service Management

Service DeskStop managing tickets and start managing productivity.

CA Cloud Service Management is an innovative Service Management solution architected to speed and streamline your service desk operations while reducing complex and repetitive tasks. It delivers comprehensive automation capabilities to help reduce manual, tedious tasks. Code-free configuration helps simplify your IT service management processes, workflow and integration—and save you time.

CA Cloud Service Management is a true SaaS solution. You can start using it in days with minimal training, upgrade automatically and adjust capacity as needed. As a result, you avoid the costs of owning, maintaining and upgrading your current systems

Key Features

  • Mobility solutions: Boosts customer satisfaction with easy management of incidents, requests and approvals on mobile devices
  • SaaS-based delivery: Eliminates on-premises infrastructure acquisition, deployment, maintenance and costly upgrades
  • Configuration-based setup: Adapts to your specific business requirements—without any coding
  • Action-driven workflows: Enables business to modify their processes without coding as they configure to meet business requirements
  • Sidekick: Drives usage and reduces time to get started with in-application setup and administration guidance
  • Click-and-go automation: Enables users to connect, integrate and automate workflows

Key Benefits

  • Improves time to value: Implements in days, not months
  • Creates a personal and intuitive user experience: Provides an easy-to-use design and seamless user experience to drive user adoption
  • Improves productivity: Automates manual and repetitive processes to drive cost and time savings
  • Reduces upgrade time and costs: Delivers the latest capabilities the minute they are available
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