Mobile Content Management

Access content securely from any where, at any time.

CA Mobile Content Management (CA MCM) enables staff productivity and collaboration by establishing secure content access and sharing across devices—whether the content is located in the enterprise or in the cloud. And to customize to your mobile content management system, CA MCM offers the option to be delivered as a cloud-based, SaaS mobile content manager or deployed on-premises behind the corporate firewall.

CA MCM enables users to search for content across network file systems, cloud-based repositories and enterprise storage solutions with a single query. This mobile content management system also facilitates mobile content delivery and collaboration with users inside or outside the enterprise.

By providing unified content access, CA MCM this offers a single view to all of a user’s content from different sources. It utilizes virtual folders to allow ease of content sharing for seamless collaboration. And mobile content management security policy enforcement ensures secure content distribution to your authorized user groups.

This enterprise-level mobile content management solution also offers:

  • Content visibility between mobile and other devices
  • Federated search across the pool of user content sources
  • Synchronized designated desktop folder to the cloud
  • Active Directory and lightweight direct access protocol (LDAP)
  • A secure sockets layer (SSL) for client-server communication

Key Features

  • Unified content access
  • Content groups
  • Federated search
  • Desktop agent
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Smart Containerization™

Key Benefits

  • Offers unified access
  • Content access across devices
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Increases security
  • Improve enterprise productivity by deploying BYOD support as an on-premises or SaaS solution