CA Directory

DirectoryDirectory services running on directory servers need to be invisible while performing seamlessly. When a system slows down over time, IT’s first response is too often to hit the computer.   When that doesn’t work they opt not to change or upgrade software, but to write a proposal for new equipment, including more memory, additional/new processors or even new servers. Virtualization can throw an additional wrench in the works, with poor performance affecting multiple virtual machines and servers, thus wreaking havoc on user experience and interrupting the other IT tasks required to keep the enterprise running smoothly.

Directory services running on directory servers need to be virtually invisible while performing properly. CA Directory helps enable an enterprise to support an increasing number of online applications without requiring parallel growth in hardware or additional administration costs. Deploying online applications on CA’s superior directory foundation directly impact those applications, and ultimately, end users.

The CA active directory provides high performance for read- and- write operations and transparent distribution and replication, seamlessly scaling to any number of directory servers. Unlike common Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers that cannot efficiently communicate with one another, CA’s directory server is architected to perform and scale in distributed environments with reduced hardware costs.

With world-class features that include exceptional read-and-write performance, scalability, support for strong authentication and automatic recovery for seamless failover and failback, CA Directory can help improve system performance, reduce your costs and cause your systems experience less downtime.

Key Features

  • Exceptional read and write performance
  • High scalability
  • Strong security
  • All-master replication
  • Automatic recovery

Key Benefits

  • Provide scalability without the high costs.
  • Meet the needs of new business applications.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Provide a highly-responsive and always-available experience.